New Tool Guides People Leaders

Why leaders should prioritize their professional growth with the People Leader Assessment Tool

February 10, 2022 | By Workplace Learning & Professional Development
A people leader holding binoculars looking towards a yearly calendar.

The arrival of a new year ushers in a season of refreshed and new ambitions. As a people leader, it is vital to prioritize your goals and review your professional roadmap. This year, the Workplace Learning & Professional Development (WLPD) team is introducing a new tool to help you maximize your talents, improve leadership skills, and make positive contributions that drive successful outcomes in your organization: the People Leader Assessment Tool

A New Resource for People Leaders 

The People Leader Assessment Tool is guided by Institute values with each question being based upon behaviors identified by the Living Our Values Every Day (L.O.V.E.) Committee. After completing the People Leadership Assessment, you will receive an individualized learning plan for professional growth, helping you to discover and improve your management and leadership skills to drive successful teamwork.  

“This assessment was definitely enlightening regarding my self-awareness in areas to strengthen,” said one staff member.  

“I absolutely loved the links and information provided in the road map,” said another. “These are actionable items to enhance your leadership style.”  

After completing the 20-minute-long assessment, you will immediately receive a report that details your strengths and opportunities for growth as they relate to Institute values. The report can then be shared with your supervisor to develop a learning action plan. WLPD will assist you in your journey to achieve your goals as part of a year-long professional development plan, in which you will discover how to bring the Institute’s values to life through self-reflection, confidence, and positive influence. 

As a people leader, investing in your own performance and management skills will not only increase your own productivity and satisfaction, but also maximize your team’s performance through more constructive management skills.  

The Value of Setting Goals 

Intentional goal setting is valuable for all aspects of life. This can range from increased physical activity to financial goals, but it's important to also consider your professional development. Striving towards a particular objective provides you with vision, direction, and focus on every aspect of work, which will consequently align with the overall values of your organization. Tracking your progress provides continued motivation, as it reminds you why and how your work, even the smallest task, matters. And, when you are moving successfully toward your goals, you receive positive reinforcement of achievement, which cultivates satisfaction and strengthens employee retention. 

For people leaders, setting goals is especially important, though it is often overlooked. Due to the nature of your role, you may focus more heavily on your team member’s professional goals and growth; however, you should devote just as much time—if not more—to developing and working toward your own goals, as well. Doing so will not only increase productivity in your own work, as previously mentioned, but it will also help you foster a more dynamic work environment for your team members since the effectiveness of the people leader’s management directly affects the efficiency of their team. Furthermore, the best way to encourage your team members to set goals for themselves and take accountability for their careers is to lead by example. Start your goal-setting journey today by taking the People Leader Assessment Tool and downloading the People Leaders Professional Development Checklist