Managing Crew System Working Group

Course Description

How do you turn user “desires” into a system that works? Managing Crew Systems Working Groups will provide program managers and developers insight into using working groups to channel and decompose the operational needs of system users into realistic and understandable system interface requirements, in order to reduce requirements “creep” and improve the user interface. Topics include: organization of a team, practical techniques of chartering organizing and conducting Working Groups (including maintainer / supportability system groups), requirements management “rack and stack” of user inputs, and establishment of metrics and tools.

Course ID: DEF 4540P
Course Format: Classroom

Contract Only Course

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Who Should Attend

Individuals involved with the specification, development, upgrade, test, and maintenance of combat aircraft, military aircraft systems and sub-systems, particularly engineering and program management staff who will deal with combat systems users and user interfaces.

How You Will Benefit

Developers of combat systems will gain a measure of understanding of the proper employment of structured user system interface and requirements groups formed of not just engineers but also the pilots and crewmembers that operate them in combat. By covering the proven processes, and through the study of lessons learned from several programs, program managers and staff will learn how to avoid costly program pitfalls which lead to requirements creep, missed key requirements, conflict, and technical escapes to the fleet customer, and will learn techniques which channel user inputs into usable human interfaces and effective combat system interfaces.


  • Introduction
  • The DoD HSI Process
  • Legal and Certification Issues
  • The Crew Systems IPT in an Acquisition Program
  • Cockpit Working Groups
  • Maintainer Working Groups
  • T&E Working Groups
  • Exercise: Planning/Budgeting
  • Planning a CSWG Structure
  • Exercise: Who Is In Charge?
  • Working with Customer Organizations
  • FMS Relationships
  • Requirements Definition and Prioritization
  • Exercise: Using Users as Test Subjects
  • Subjective and Objective Metrics of Success Cockpit and Mockup Reviews
  • Software and System Simulations
  • Maintenance and Training System Reviews