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2014 Event Information

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Room Location







PARB 126

Deep Blue Sea

Starry, Starry Night

Disease Detective




PARB 127

Weather or not

Leaf & Tree

Simple Macines


Map Reading


PARB 255

Crime Busters

What Went By

Don't Bug Me


Grab A Gram


PARB 114

Straw Tower

Bridge Building



Mystery Architecture


Buzz Courtyard







Awards and Popsicles


Welcome to the Savannah Regional Science Olympiad and thank you for coming! We are glad you are here with us today. The following information is provided to help you have a nice day and ensure smooth and safe operation of our events. Seven schools are participating today in our inaugural event. 

Breakfast will be available at Bobby’s restaurant located in the E-Lab building beginning at 7:30 am and ending at 9:00 am. Biscuits, coffee, and other items will be available at reasonable prices. 

Check in and registration will be from 8:30 am to 9:00 am in the lobby of the Program Administration and Resources Building (PARB). Round One Events will begin promptly at 9:00 am; teams that are tardy will then begin competing at 10:00 am Events for Round Two. Please be on time. Teams that miss the 9:00 am Round One Events will be scored as “no-shows” and will earn the maximum points plus one. 

No electronics, study guides, or notes are allowed in the PARB. Infractions of this rule will result in disqualification from that event and will earn the team the maximum points plus two.

All events will be held in the PARB. No observers are allowed in the building during competition. Team Captains may set up tents and chairs on the field behind the E- Lab building. Please park in the front of the PARB. You may drop off supplies and participants near the E-Lab, but parking there is reserved for volunteers, workers, and staff. 

Events will begin as promptly as possible to stay on time and ensure that all competitors have adequate time to complete tasks. Please use the attached map to locate room events. Rooms 114, 126, and 127 are all located downstairs. Room 255 is upstairs. Student may take the elevator to Room 255, which is to the left as you exit the elevator. Team Captains may ‘drop off’ participants at the competition rooms. Please do not linger to observe. 

Return to Home Base. Program and event staff will walk students to the exit of PARB at the end of the event.

Teams that do not demonstrate proper sportsmanship and good behavior while at Georgia Tech- Savannah may be disqualified from competing. Your behavior while at this event, including time on the fields and surrounding campus areas, is very important. Please review the Safety Letter from Campus Police Captain Anthony Whitmire. Teams that demonstrate any type of behavior issues that interfere with the safe operation of the event, facility, or our adjacent neighbor, Gulstream, will be disqualified from Elementary Science Olympiad. Do not go near the pond, dock, or Gulfstream Building. 

Three rounds of events will be held and then lunch will be offered at Bobby’s restaurant behind the E-Lab. Student participants wearing a wrist band (in your welcome bags provided at check in) will be given a free meal of either hot dog or hamburger. 

Lunch items will be available for adults, guests, and other nonparticipants at reasonable prices. 

Please plan to bring a tent or canopy, cooler with water, and other drinks, and snacks for your team. Other suggested items include: a soccer ball, Frisbees, other field type games for your team to use and feel free to share with other schools. You may want to bring blankets or lawn chairs. You may wish to bring sunscreen and bug spray. This is an outdoor event and we are planning for warm weather. This will serve as your “Home Base” and students will remain in or near the home base during the competition. 

Trash cans will be available for your convenience. Please make sure to leave your home base area as neat as possible at the conclusion of ESO.

Restrooms and water fountains area available in E-Lab. Students will not be allowed in PARB during ESO Competition for restroom or water. 

We are hoping for beautiful weather. In the vent of unsafe weather conditions, we will hold this event on Sunday, April 27, 2014. All other information will be the same. 

If you need help or have an emergency during the ESO, please find either Carolyn Perry or Jennifer Knight in PARB. Carolyn may be reached via cell phone 912.695.1763. Our home base is in PARB 129. 

Popsicles will be given out beginning at about 1:45 pm. Please gather your team at the Buzz Statue for popsicles and awards. All awards will be given beginning at 2:15 pm. 

Dress and attire- Clothes that are appropriate for school dress down events are appropriate for Elementary Science Olympiad. Students cannot compete in flip-flops, sandals, or crocs. Tennis shoes are best for this event. If you do not have school spirit shirts, you may wish to wear school colors. 

State Competition- The first and second place winners from Saturday’s event will advance to State Competition to be held in Kennesaw on May 17, 2014. Travel and other arrangements are the responsibility of the winning schools. 

If you win and do not plan to attend the State Event, please let the Regional Coordinator Carolyn Perry know as soon as possible after the event. You may email

If you have questions during the event, please address them to your Team Captain. Team Captains may then ask the Regional Coordinator questions or concerns. The Regional Coordinator cannot discuss concerns or questions about ESO with parents or other teachers. 

Thank you again for your participation! We are very excited to be able to offer this experience for kids in the Savannah area and we look forward to an awesome Saturday.