Business in Savannah interviews Diane Lee

November 08, 2016 | By GTPE Communications

Diane Lee, director of Georgia Tech Savannah, spoke with Business In Savannah about the role the campus plays in coastal Georgia communities. In the interview, Lee highlights some of the programs offered at Georgia Tech Savannah, their outreach efforts, and the future of the campus.

To what kind of students does Georgia Tech-Savannah cater?

Our Savannah campus offers education for the lifelong learner, specifically professional development courses for area business and community leaders in areas such as mobile apps and technology, OSHA, Lean Six Sigma, and Supply Chain and Logistics. In addition, our campus focuses on the kindergartener who wants to learn more about science and technology in our K-12 STEM programs, to the high school graduate who wants to start a career in logistics and enrolls in our supply chain and logistics fundamentals courses. We also offer courses for our area veterans who are transitioning out of the military, and we offer courses for area executives who want to develop the next generation of leaders within their companies. In short, we offer education for all.

When did Georgia Tech open the Savannah campus and why?

In 1999, Georgia Tech began offering local degree programs to engineering students in southeast Georgia, and in 2003, the Savannah campus opened. Up until May 2013, we offered undergraduate and graduate degrees in four engineering majors in conjunction with Georgia Southern, Armstrong, and Savannah State, with students taking first- and second-year classes at those institutions. In 2011, our focus shifted to create a new academic and operational model for Georgia Tech Savannah that focuses on the lifelong learner by offering education to locally-based military personnel, executive education and other non-degree programs.

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