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Why Choose Georgia Tech Professional Education?

We deliver the knowledge and skills that you need for every stage of your career.

With GTPE, you get the best of both worlds — academic rigor combined with hands-on, practical training in demand by industry. Whether you choose a course, a certificate program, or a degree, you're in good hands. Our offerings are designed to build deep knowledge and skills leading to subject matter expertise that you can apply in your workplace for immediate results. For 100 years, we've built the workplace leaders — the thinkers and problem solvers that inspire and move industries forward.

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Our graduate programs enable working professionals to earn a Georgia Tech degree while working full-time. You'll experience the academic rigor you expect from a top-ranked technology and engineering university.

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We offer short training courses in over 15 subject areas in STEM, business, and leadership. Designed with workforce and professional development in mind, what you learn in class is applicable the day you return to work.

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Professional and graduate certificates emphasize deeper subject matter expertise with immediate application. Learn from faculty, researchers, scientists, and top industry experts — and increase your impact within the workforce.

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Georgia Tech has delivered world-class training and degree programs to learners around the globe since 1977, and we partner with leading online learning platform providers to deliver at-scale courses and degrees.

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“The program gave me the confidence to start my own company. I’ve used what I’ve learned to create service products for small businesses and home networks that I can market to potential clients.”
Tania Allen - Founder, ItGresa Consulting Group
Tania Allen Founder, ItGresa Consulting Group
“Day-to-day experience is valuable but to advance, you need to combine it with professional education.”
Anargyros Antonopoulos - Project Manager, LEVEL5
Anargyros Antonopoulos Project Manager, LEVEL5
“I was promoted to a director position shortly after completing the Supply Chain and Logistics Certificate program.”
Reemer Youmans - Director of Operations, HUGO BOSS
Reemer Youmans Director of Operations, HUGO BOSS
“The best thing about this degree program is we are applying as we learn. We do activities and projects in every course.”
Sheela Shaw - Principal Analyst, Manhattan Associates
Sheela Shaw Principal Analyst, Manhattan Associates
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Located in Tech Square, Atlanta's thriving innovation community, the Global Learning Center is the home to GTPE and the facility of choice for virtual, in-person, and hybrid corporate meetings, conferences, and events.

A Credential that Commands Attention

Earn a Georgia Tech credential and make an immediate impact on your career. Choose a professional education option that suits you.
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Of post-secondary students in America are considered "non-traditional" learners, including working adults, veterans, and parents.


Of learners annually benefit from GTPE’s professional development courses, certificate programs, and online degrees.


Of GTPE learners report an increase in knowledge, enhanced job performance, and career advancement.

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Our Savannah campus offers education for all stages of life, with courses and programs specifically designed to help Georgia's coastal region grow and excel.

Train At Your Location

We enable employers to provide specialized, on-location training on their own timetables. Our world-renowned experts can create unique content that meets your employees' specific needs. We also have the ability to deliver courses via web conferencing or on-demand online videos. For 15 or more students, it is more cost-effective for us to come to you.

  • Save Money
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Group Training
  • Customize Content
  • On-Site Training
  • Earn a Certificate
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