OMS Cybersecurity Student Spotlight: International Career Moves

Online master's student secures internship at NATO

April 09, 2024 | By Maria Guerra
A woman holding a small Netherlands flag while standing in front of a sign that says "Georgia Institute of Technology"

“I have always been interested in helping people,” Joyce Kinsey, Online Master of Science in Cybersecurity (OMS Cybersecurity) student says as she describes her unique career journey. Her family’s legacy - both of her parents are veterans of the United States Air Force - has proven to be a guiding influence in her professional and academic life. From earning a B.S. in Industrial Engineering at Tech to pivoting to cybersecurity, Joyce’s professional journey is a testament to the power of determination. Proving hard work pays off, she recently became the first Georgia Tech online master's student accepted to an internship at NATO, according to the Office of International Education.

Eager to Grow

After earning her undergraduate degree, Joyce applied her passion for problem-solving, data analysis, and optimizing processes as part of the Cyber Threat and Vulnerability Management Team at American International Group. A natural overachiever, Joyce wanted to continue growing. Her love for learning coupled with her desire to protect and educate people led her to pursue a degree in cybersecurity. “There’s so much to learn with zero-day vulnerabilities, new technology, and conflicts around the world. It’s a fascinating field to go into,” she says.

After studying her options, Joyce chose Georgia Tech’s OMS Cybersecurity. The program’s comprehensive curriculum, which covers technical aspects, international affairs, and business and enterprise management struck the perfect balance. Something else caught her eye, “They also have these in-person meet-ups, so there's a sense of community. I really appreciated that,” she highlights.

A New Challenge

As she worked on both pursuing her degree and tackling new and emerging cybersecurity threats at her job, Joyce felt called for “a more impactful position within the public sector.” Utilizing an internship through Georgia Tech's global networks seemed like a perfect opportunity. Armed with an impressive resume and a desire to push her career to the next level, Joyce saw that NATO’s Allied Joint Force Command in Brunssum, Netherlands was looking for an intern to research user vulnerabilities in IT systems and cyber threat environments.

After being accepted, the process took months to be finalized and, due to its global aspect, involved completing security clearances and immigration approvals. Along the way, she found support from the Georgia Tech team. “They were so supportive and excited,” Joyce says. The program’s faculty and coordinator not only approved the internship but also partnered with the registrar’s office to finalize additional requirements.

Joyce is motivated “to continue to be in cybersecurity and be a part of a global, dynamic, and fast-paced environment.” When asked if she could offer words of wisdom for online master’s students who are interested in applying to internships, she emphasizes that the OMS Cybersecurity degree has the same curriculum and is taught by the same professors as the on-campus program. “If you see an opportunity out there, go for it. You are just as capable as any other student doing a master’s. We are at the same level, taking the same courses with the same level of rigor.” Determined, hard-working, and focused, Joyce is eager to apply the cybersecurity knowledge she’s gained through the program and further develop her skills at NATO this year.

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