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Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing fields in the tech sector, as evidenced by the rapidly increasing demand for qualified cybersecurity professionals. At Georgia Tech, we deliver the cybersecurity knowledge you need for any stage of your career. We partner with leading researchers and scientists within the Georgia Tech Research Institute to provide you forward-looking tools, technologies, and methodologies.

Georgia Tech's comprehensive cybersecurtiy training benefits all levels of your organization, including decision makers, project managers, network defenders, and the C-suite.

Because the cyber landscape changes rapidly, our training focuses on building long-term cybersecurity proficiency based on fundamental knowledge and critical thinking skills. Whether it's an online master's degree, or a professional certificate, our offerings are designed to build deep knowledge and skills leading to subject matter expertise that you can apply in your workplace for immediate results.

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Gain a solid understanding of how to keep your data secure while mastering specific skills in IT networking and modern information security throughout the course of 24 intensive weeks.

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Build your skillset on the latest cybersecurity research and techniques with our one- to three-day short courses offered in-person and virtually, designed to build immediately applicable skills.

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Further your technical and strategic cybersecurity knowledge and gain formal recognition in your field by completing a series of five short courses ranging from cyber forensics to insider threats.

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Sharpen your research and critical thinking skills to gain in-depth knowledge in your discipline of interest: information security, cyber-physical systems, or policy within two to three years.

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Eliminate travel expenses and foster team learning by scheduling a private offering at your location, including restricted access and classified courses. Our expert instructors will customize courses to meet your organizational needs and deliver training on your schedule.

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Georgia Tech's cybersecurity training covered the most overlooked aspect of cybersecurity -- the business side. It provided good information on how to justify our budget and manage risk, as well as thinking ahead to readiness, communications, and public relations for handling a cyber attack.

- Kenny Bacon
Principal Engineer

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