K12 STEM Programs

Ensuring tomorrow's innovators and educators have the skills to succeed in the workplace

High-Quality STEM Learning Experiences

Education in science and technology is crucial to prepare students with the skills they need to be part of the next workforce generation.

According to the World Economic Forum, 65% of children now entering primary school will hold jobs that don't currently exist. Automation and technological disruption are drastically changing the employment landscape. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to equip future generations with the skills needed to keep up with the rapid changes.

Workforce readiness is a top priority for Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE). From summer camps to teacher programs and distance math classes, we offer programs specifically engineered to give students the tools to solve real-world problems while also building their critical thinking skills. By providing opportunities to K12 students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects, we are investing in our future workforce.

Distance Math and Computer Science Programs

The Georgia Tech Dual Enrollment program provides high school students the opportunity to take advanced math courses in their local classrooms. Classes are taught on-campus to Georgia Tech students while being delivered via live video or internet feed to partner high schools across Georgia. The highly competitive program allows for students to gain extra experience in college-level material while further preparing them for a successful college experience.

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STEM Outreach in Savannah

From intensive, innovative professional development for educators to highly engaging STEM in-school and extracurricular STEM experiences for kindergarten through high school (K-12) students, Georgia Tech-Savannah's K12 programs impact more than 1,000 students and 80 teachers annually, while serving schools in the Bryan, Chatham, Effingham, and Liberty counties.

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Online Courses for Educators

Georgia Tech is committed to equipping the teachers in K-12 classrooms with the latest best practices, innovative educational methodology and the skills necessary to execute on them. Our project-based inquiry learning (PBIL) is an online course that equips educators with the tools necessary to transform their classrooms.

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Master Money Management and Investing Tools

This one-week day camp for high school students covers four key areas of finance to prepare them for a financially fit future.

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