Wall Street on West Peachtree

Course Description

This one-week day camp for high school students has four components: financial literacy, investing, hedging and trading. Financial literacy includes the basics of personal finance, including planning, taxes, debt avoidance and wealth building. The investing portion introduces the student to investing strategies that have worked over time. The hedging module introduces the student to derivative securities and how those securities have been used for speculation or protection. Finally, the trading portion introduces the student to the mechanics of trading stocks, bonds and other securities. The student is taught how to read charts, how to place market or limit orders, how to set up stop losses, and how the major markets operate. The students will spend the week constructing and analyzing their own portfolios using state-of-the-art analysis and trading tools.

NOTE: This course meets in the state of the art trading floor at the Scheller College of Business. Course fee includes daily lunch voucher

Course ID: MNGT 1039P
Course Format: Classroom

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CRN Start date End date Format Location Cost
14583 Jun 16, 2014 Jun 20, 2014 Classroom Atlanta, Georgia $450
14582 Jun 23, 2014 Jun 27, 2014 Classroom Atlanta, Georgia $450
14767 Jul 14, 2014 Jul 18, 2014 Classroom Atlanta, Georgia $450
15576 Jun 8, 2015 Jun 12, 2015 Classroom Atlanta, Georgia $450
15579 Jun 22, 2015 Jun 26, 2015 Classroom Atlanta, Georgia $450
16540 Jun 6, 2016 Jun 10, 2016 Classroom Atlanta, Georgia $495
16541 Jun 13, 2016 Jun 17, 2016 Classroom Atlanta, Georgia $495
16542 Jun 20, 2016 Jun 24, 2016 Classroom Atlanta, Georgia $495
16543 Jun 27, 2016 Jul 1, 2016 Classroom Atlanta, Georgia $495
16547 Jul 11, 2016 Jul 15, 2016 Classroom Atlanta, Georgia $495

Who Should Attend

High school juniors and seniors, but all high school students are welcome

How You Will Benefit

  • Discover best practices in personal finance
  • Become proficient with a trading platform to buy and sell securities
  • Understand the difference between trading and investing
  • Discover investment strategies that have been successful in the past
  • Understand how to use puts, calls, futures and forwards for protection or speculation
  • Discover the value that traders add to the investment process by a hands-on simulation
  • Understand the importance of diversification and the benefits of ETFs and Mutual funds
  • Discover how to use bonds as an integral part of a diversified portfolio
  • Measure your success using industry-standard performance measures.
  • Develop presentation skills and critical thinking skills as you build and analyze your portfolio


  • Proven Investment Strategies
  • Hedging Your Investments with Derivatives
  • Campus Tour
  • Stock Market Trading Simulations
  • Invest Like a Pro: Exchange Traded Funds
  • Bonds: More exciting Than You Can Imagine
  • Capturing Alpha: Are You Lucky or Skilled?
  • Student Presentations



  • Online resources
  • Daily lunch voucher

For Course-Related Questions

Please contact the course administrator: Jonathan Clarke, Ph.D.