Georgia Tech Alumnus Appointed Supply Chain and Logistics Institute Managing Director

Chris Gaffney has been named the new Managing Director for the Supply Chain and Logistics Institute and Academic Program Director in GTPE

March 14, 2024 | By Kat Bell
Chris Gaffney Headshot over a out of focus blue background

The new Managing Director of Georgia Tech’s Supply Chain and Logistics Institute, Chris Gaffney, can bring his passion for the industry full circle to his time here as an undergrad. Gaffney attended Tech from fall 1981 to 1985, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, and returned in 1986 to earn his Master of Science in Industrial Engineering.

As an undergrad Gaffney was a member of the Ramblin' Reck Club. The unique club, centered around mechanical care and maintenance for the Ramblin’ Reck (1930 Ford Model A Sport Coupe), boasts a competitive RECKruitment Process. On Homecoming Day of his sophomore year, Gaffney, a probationary member at the time, was tasked with acquiring cakes to facilitate the freshman cake race. “I’m not sure where we got the cakes, but it was enough to get me in. I learned that in a place like Tech, things don’t just happen, it takes people who are selfless and invested in a greater goal,” he shared.

After completing his Master’s degree, Gaffney began working for Frito-Lay as an Operations Manager, and later joined AJC International. Both positions gave him industry experience in transportation and international logistics before we began his tenure at The Coca-Cola Company.

“I spent 25 years at Coke and my time there allowed me to learn all things Supply Chain.” 

At Coca-Cola, Gaffney led infrastructure optimization for the Coca-Cola System in the United States, a passion of his while studying at Tech. This involved strategically locating plants and distribution centers and determining product allocation for each facility.

Gaffney will also hold a dual appointment as Academic Program Director in Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE). As Academic Program Director, he plans to “ensure the Supply Chain and Logistics offerings within GTPE are world-class and meet the needs of today’s working audience.” He explained that the field of Supply Chain and Logistics is changing rapidly, presenting both a challenge and an opportunity. Continued education is common among many professions and Gaffney hopes to create offerings that encourage an increased engagement among supply chain professionals and front-line workers.

Over the past few years, the supply chain and logistics field has been in the spotlight worldwide. Almost everything modern consumers engage with or use, including food, home goods, medical supplies, appliances, and more “came to life,” as Gaffney put it, "through a physical supply chain." Following a worldwide supply chain slowdown, the field has an opportunity to learn and move forward with better, more resilient strategies. When explaining his hopes for the field going forward, Gaffney said “if we can educate our practitioners and enable them to design, plan, and run more effective and efficient supply chains, we will not only delight end consumers, but we will make better use of the resources we have and support a more sustainable world.”