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Industry Insights from Georgia Tech Experts

Are you prepared for disruption in your industry?

Emerging trends can seem ambiguous and fleeting, but are essential for any organization — regardless of industry — and form the foundation for future innovation. From AI to robotics, machine learning, and the IoT, these emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities are altering the way we live, work, and interact with others.

Staying up-to-date on the latest industry trends will give you the knowledge and resources to prepare yourself and your organization for growth. Georgia Tech Professional Education provides insights into the latest factors shaping your industry, along with world-class perspectives and strategies driving the future trends.

The newest supply chain trends range from AI to omnichannel distribution. Read how these industry trends will impact future supply chains. Learn More
Georgia Tech is using its world-class supply chain expertise to analyze data and anticipate problems on the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project. Learn More
The future of manufacturing will be fueled by new technologies, such as IoT and cobots. Discover five key trends in the market to help you prepare. Learn More
Evolving business models and emerging technology are driving forces in project management. Check out the top emerging trends you need to know for 2019. Learn More
New technologies, changing workforce demographics, and the need for stricter safety regulations are driving health and safety workplace trends. Learn More
From senior leaders to finance and admin professionals, everyone plays a role in protecting an organization from cyberattacks. Learn More

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