A First Look at 2019 Program Offerings

New courses and boot camps to help you achieve your professional goals

January 25, 2019 | By GTPE Communications
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Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE) is excited to announce its 2019 program offerings. Covering topics ranging from project and safety management to defense technologies, courses are primarily taught at Georgia Tech's main campus in Midtown Atlanta.

This coming year, we are especially excited to introduce our UX/UI Boot Camp. According to a discussion paper by McKinsey Global Institute, the need for creative, critical thinking, decision making, and information processing skills is expected to heighten by 19% in the U.S. through 2030. By taking advantage of GTPE's comprehensive UX/UI program, you will gain practical knowledge in the field of user-focused digital design that will provide you with the expertise needed to gain an edge in an increasingly specialized workforce.

Perhaps you're looking to improve your skills as a project manager or decision maker? Maybe you're preparing to take the OHST exam? Are you seeking to gain more experience with user interface design? By enrolling in any of the courses or boot camps listed below, you are one step closer to pursuing your studies in a topic of interest, as well as obtaining a certificate in areas such as Safety Management or Systems Engineering — a valuable credential which can boost your professional career.

Have a look at the new boot camps and courses we're offering in the coming year:

Boot Camps

Georgia Tech UX/UI Boot Camp

The UX/UI Boot Camp offered through GTPE is an intensive 24-week program focused on teaching the fundamentals of design in the context of digital user-centric interface and experience. Upon completing the boot camp, you will have compiled a professional portfolio showcasing your own UX/UI work. 


Defense Technologies

An Acquirer's and Supplier's Guide to Success Using Systems Engineering

In this course, you will be introduced to professional and innovative processes for proposals and product obtainment through the use of systems engineering.

Cyber Risk Management for Decision Makers

With the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks, Cyber Risk Management for Decision Makers will provide you with a deeper understanding of these threats and their potential impact. You will also explore mitigation strategies used to effectively combat cyber attacks.

Defensive Cyber Operations/Blue Teaming

This lab-based course will cover the necessary defense skills for the hindrance and prevention of cyber attacks through the use of representative "blue force" equipment.

Enterprise Security Operations for Effective Cyber Defense

This multi-faceted course -- involving lectures, workshops, and labs -- will provide you with an introductory knowledge of enterprise security operations.

Laser System Design Concepts

Laser System Design Concepts explores the design and engineering logic behind the development of laser-based systems.

The Science of Soldering (Industrial and Systems)

This hands-on course will introduce you to updated methods of soldering through the use of videos, experiments, exercises, and classroom discussions based in chemistry, metallurgy, physics, and mechanics.


Best Practices in Workforce Development: Building Your Team for World-Class Performance

This one-day training course offers and in-depth exploration of potential strategies and methods used in the instruction and training of employees that foster organizational productivity and success.

Creating Metrics to Drive Performance

Creating Metrics to Drive Performance focuses heavily on organizational measurement standards as well as how to effectively communicate the information drawn from the results of measurements.

Leading for Organizational Excellence

Your leadership skills are crucial for your organization to thrive. This seven-week course will help you improve these skills for better efficiency in a manufacturing environment.

Lean Boot Camp: Training a Lean Champion

In this boot camp combining classroom lectures and discussions with hands-on training and simulations in team environments, you will explore how the use of lean techniques can optimize your organization's efficiency.

Occupational Safety and Health

API RP 1173 - Pipeline Safety Management Systems

The American Petroleum Institute's recommended practice (RP) regarding the proper management of pipeline systems compliant with the API RP 1173 PSMS is covered in this course which will equip you with an in-depth understanding of the practice, allowing you to safely and efficiently manage hazardous liquid and gas pipelines jurisdictional to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).

Foundations of Leadership for Safety Excellence

This workshop will provide you with the skill set needed to effectively foster and promote the development of a culture of safety excellence in the workplace.

Human Performance II - Implementation (Related Occupational Safety and Health)

This course will provide you with the tools necessary for reducing human error in the workplace while improving the overall safety and efficiency of your organization.

Occupational Hygiene and Safety Technician (OHST) Certification Exam Study Workshop (Related Occupational Safety and Health)

Preparing to take the OHST certification exam? By taking this course, you will be able to review exam requirements, including skills and knowledge covered in the seven domains of learning on the exam. In addition, you will review mathematical concepts related to health and safety that are included in the test.

PSM I for Ammonia Systems

Proper knowledge of how to safely handle anhydrous ammonia is necessary for organizations that plan to create and implement a Process Safety Management (PSM) program. This course will help you obtain the skills required to effectively maintain a PSM program for your organization.

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GTPE offers a variety of short courses and open online courses in more than 15 subject areas leading to continuing education units (CEUs) and course or program completion certificates. Whether you're upgrading your skill set, sharpening your expertise, or future-proofing your career, what you learn in a GTPE continuing education course can be applied to your job immediately.

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