GTPE Forms Digital First Task Force

Cross-functional group envisions digital-first organization

December 01, 2021 | By GTPE Communications
Top view of businessman hand working with modern technology

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, organizations and working professionals are using digital tools and automation more than ever.  

While Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE) had digital organizational backbones prior to the pandemic, we saw an opportunity to build on the transformations that had been made in pursuit of a digital-first organization: one in which innovative technologies champion the way we learn and work – allowing for long-term agility. 

To start, GTPE wanted to examine the progress that had been made through the pandemic and the gaps that remained.   

“As a multi-year transformational process, we wanted to guide what a digital-first organization would like look – for its people, its product, and its process dimensions,” said Yakut Gazi, associate dean of Learning Systems and initiator of the GTPE Task Force. 

Over 30 employees from all areas of the organization assembled in January 2021 to meet weekly -- initially as a larger group -- but then as smaller sub-task groups, to discover, survey, and assess the current environment. 

They began with an initial survey of all GTPE employees and then prioritized the findings within each of the sub-topic areas into initiatives that could be taken on in 2021. The teams already started working on improvements on some of the identified processes. GTPE has also provided access to Udemy Business for reskilling and upskilling of its employees. Since the inception of this training effort, over 1,200 hours of training was consumed by 82 GTPE employees across 383 courses.  

The last phase of the task force includes an end-state vision in the form of a Digital First Transition Plan that will combine the aspirations, initiatives, and roadmap for the organization over the next four years. 

“Our plan will serve as an organizational declaration, reminding us of our commitment to digital transformation and continuous improvement of our products, our processes, and our people,” reflected Gazi. “I look forward to both the outcomes and what lies ahead for GTPE.”

The Task Force 

ELT Sponsor 

  • Yakut Gazi 

Task Force Members 

  • Melissa Aberle-Grasse, Language Institute 
  • Ed Bailey, Learning Systems 
  • Nancy Brandon, Marketing & Digital Strategy* 
  • Aiesha Dawda, Savannah 
  • Aaron Fields, Learning Systems 
  • Robin Finey, Business Operations* 
  • Jeff Fischer, Business Operations 
  • Desmond Gardfrey, Learning Systems 
  • Gordana Goudie, Academic Programs 
  • Tony Graddick, Savannah 
  • Byron Harrison, Marketing & Digital Strategy 
  • Laura Haynes, Business Operations 
  • Shamika Hill, Marketing & Digital Strategy 
  • Shayla Hill, Marketing & Digital Strategy* 
  • Shea Johnson, Academic Programs 
  • Pat Kelsey, Business Operations* 
  • Allen Kilpatrick, Business Operations 
  • Nilufer Korkmaz, Learning Systems 
  • Justin LaFantano, Academic Programs 
  • Victoria Nail-Taylor, Business Operations 
  • Kendall Nelson, Language Institute 
  • Ramon Rodriguez, Learning Systems 
  • Mont Rogers, Marketing & Digital Strategy 
  • Kim Rosero, Language Institute 
  • Mike Sewell, Business Operations* 
  • Paula Skinner, Academic Programs 
  • Greg Stenzoski, Business Operations 
  • Bobby Wellman, Business Operations 
  • James Wilburn, Savannah 
  • Chris Williams, Learning Systems 
  • Fatimah Wirth, Learning Systems 

*Subcommittee co-chairs