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Imagining the University of the Future

A Georgia Tech-led discussion in Washington, D.C., looked at how colleges can meet students’ needs throughout their entire lives.

Dean Nelson Baker of Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE) participated in a Georgia Tech-led discussion in Washington D.C. about the need for higher education to adapt to meet the changing demands of students and employers. Provost Rafael L. Bras led a panel, which included leaders from edX, the Association of American Universities, the American Council on Education, and Huron’s higher education Strategy and Operations group. Provost Bras discussed Georgia Tech’s new 20-year academic roadmap for change released in early 2018 by the university’s Commission on Creating the Next in Education (CNE) in a report, Deliberate Innovation, Lifetime EducationRead the full story on the Georgia Tech News Center

According to the report, GTPE’s primary target audience, working professionals and other adult learners, will form an increasingly important part of the learner population. The university of the future will offer pathways, credentials, and learning experiences, many of which have been offered by Georgia Tech for more than 100 years, to meet the needs of older learners throughout their lifetimes. Among the insights on education presented in the report is the view that lifetime learners will become a rapidly growing component of Georgia Tech's learners.