Meet Matt Rawlins

January 27, 2014 | By GTPE Communications
Meet Matt Rawlins

When it comes to construction-related projects, any improvement that reduces delays saves time and money. That’s why Matt Rawlins, president of Rawlins Mechanical, a medical plumbing company, and several of his employees decided to boost their project management skills through Georgia Tech Professional Education courses and certificate program.

“If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu,” Rawlins says. “You must be forward-thinking if you want the customer to consider you.”

As the construction industry becomes more dependent on information modeling and 3D virtual design, so must contractors. Along with saving time and money through technology, Rawlins wanted his project managers to learn skills to manage and complete projects on time, within budget, and while creating a quality product. He credits the Georgia Tech Project Management Certificate for helping his team apply the nine Project Management Body of Knowledge areas.

“We immediately took information from the first class and talked about what to do differently,” he says. “We’re seeing major changes to project management even to this day.”

Georgia Tech Professional Education, a registered Project Management Institute Education Provider, offers five courses. The courses are taught across 13 days of training, usually spread over a four-month period. With a focus on case studies, the classes take a hands-on approach to real-life dilemmas by breaking down the project, mapping out the data, and figuring out a solution.

“Project management is versatile, and the instructors were excellent at helping us to apply it to our different disciplines,” Rawlins says. “The class interaction and different perspectives were what you would expect to get out of a first-rate MBA program.”

Rawlins decided to join the Georgia Tech program with his team to understand the project management process and communicate better with his employees.

“It’s great team-building because we’re getting in there together,” he says. “I’m not sitting at the top and pointing.”

As an employer, Rawlins adds that job candidates with Georgia Tech’s training can stand out.

“If someone came in and said they had this training from Georgia Tech, I could throw out questions and we could talk,” he says. “You may not have a ton of experience, but if you are sharp and serious enough to do this program, I want you on my team.”

Taught by experienced and certified project management experts, each class ends with a test to help participants nail down and retain the information. Rawlins believes the Georgia Tech Professional Education credentials give his Georgia-based company an advantage in the industry.

“I have the satisfaction of knowing my people were trained at the best industry standards,” Rawlins says. “Make your people better and everything else falls in line. We’re working smarter and saving money.”

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