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Rethinking Higher Education

Stephen Harmon presents in Europe about Georgia Tech’s commitment to a lifetime vision for education

This summer, Stephen Harmon, associate dean of research at GTPE and director of educational innovation at the Center for 21st Century Universities (C21U), presented at the International Conference on Lifelong Education and Leadership in Wroclaw, Poland, and at the International Conference on New Horizons in Education in Paris, France, about Georgia Tech’s commitment to a lifetime vision for education, based on the report, Deliberate Innovation, Lifetime Education, released earlier this year by the Institute’s Commission on Creating the Next in Education.

Advances in technology, automation, and research in all disciplines are leading to rapid and profound changes in work and society. Higher education must adapt to prepare, not only traditional 18 to 24-year-old students for this world, but also learners of all ages who must continually renew their knowledge and skills to be able to thrive in the new modern environment. Harmon discussed how Georgia Tech is leading the way in this rethinking of higher education.