'Welcome Home' Art Exhibit Showcases Georgia Tech Faculty and Staff

GTPE’s academic program coordinator among featured artists in exhibition

February 19, 2020 | By GTPE Communications
Mimi Lewis, academic programs coordinator, stands next to her featured artwork entitled "All Roads Lead Home."

From paintings to photography and multimedia pieces, the Faculty and Staff Art Exhibit is Georgia Tech's annual exhibition featuring original artwork by Georgia Tech staff and faculty members of all positions, departments, and backgrounds. This year, Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE) is honored to be represented among the talented group of artists. Mimi Lewis, academic program coordinator, is one of the 16 featured artists at the exhibit.

The theme of this year’s exhibit is Welcome Home, which was inspired by the current era of change and newness at Georgia Tech, including a new president and several new leadership positions. Yet despite these changes, Georgia Tech’s purpose, mission, and community remain unchanged, and the theme of “home” is meant to reflect that feeling of consistency and inclusion.

Lewis’ artwork is an oil painting on canvas entitled, All Roads Lead Home, which is meant to represent harmony, inclusion, and fulfillment.

“The concept behind this work is everyone is invited. The circle represents heaven, or what one would identify as a spiritual place,” Lewis says.

“The lines that are going towards the circle are roads. In the center is a small bright light representing a place where everyone will meet to experience shared tranquility, liberation, empathy towards others (inclusiveness), and acceptance of self. In this world, we attempt to achieve the life we have envisioned for ourselves which may lead to strife, misunderstandings, and bias. The most unpretentious fact is that we will all be together one day, side-by-side, embracing who we are without judgment.”

The exhibit opened Jan. 13 and will be on display at the Richards Gallery of the Ferst Center for the Arts until Feb. 23.