Top 7 Benefits of a Georgia Tech Graduate Certificate

As the workforce continues to shift and grow, lifetime learning is an indispensable asset to maintain your professional confidence

June 03, 2022 | By GTPE Communications
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The modern workforce continues to be characterized by advancing technologies and shifting trends. And now, due to the increasing digital nature of business, it has become even more fluid. Not only is it more feasible than ever to pivot to new roles and disciplines, but you may even find yourself being forced to do so at a moment’s notice. Staying current with new skills and knowledge is the best way to thrive as a working professional.

“The professional world has changed dramatically over the last two decades,” reflected Nelson Baker, dean of Professional Education. “As such, professionals will need to be more purposeful in their career planning, intentionally exploring learning opportunities that not only target the development of key skills but also add value to your marketability within your industry.”

Still, you may be hesitant to deepen or broaden your industry expertise because you feel like you don’t have the time. Advanced graduate degrees are a big commitment, as they can take up to three years to complete, requiring around 36 credit hours. However, there is another option that still carries the prestige of an advanced degree without the heavy time commitment: a graduate certificate.

Designed as an “in-between” option for professionals wanting to deepen their expertise in specific areas, graduate certificates are custom, credit-bearing programs that address rapidly evolving industry needs, helping you adapt to the changing demands of the workforce and increase your promotability.

"As technology and business continue to evolve, so do the needs of companies and employers. Graduate certificates present an invaluable way for professionals to gain skills in rapidly changing areas like analytics and digital technology. They can then leverage those skills to advance in their chosen career and make a lasting impact in business,” said Maryam Alavi, dean of the Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business.

Take a look at these top seven benefits of earning a graduate certificate from Georgia Tech:

  1. Earn a prestigious Georgia Tech credential.
    A graduate certificate provides graduate-level education through rigorous course content and expert instruction from Georgia Tech faculty. Upon completion, you will receive a prestigious credential from a top 10-ranked university, displaying the relevancy and legitimacy of your new skills and the hard work you applied to earn them.
  2. Gain in-demand, immediately applicable industry expertise.
    Our graduate certificates are designed to address today’s most pressing industry needs in specific fields. Taught by our esteemed Georgia Tech faculty, each certificate offers invaluable industry expertise, rigorous learning, and a vast worldwide network. The skills you learn as you progress through the certificate will be relevant to the latest trends and needs in your field, and you will be able to apply them immediately in your career.
  3. Shape your career and build a professional network.
    Our graduate certificates offer you opportunities for professional growth and career pivots by expanding your professional network. By connecting to a robust online community with similar career goals and interests, you can build a global network spanning a wide variety of industries and functions that may lead to your next career opportunity.
  4. Earn credits for a Georgia Tech master’s degree.
    If you’re considering pursuing a master’s degree, completing a graduate certificate is the ideal way to test if you’re ready for a longer-term commitment in your chosen field or skill. Furthermore, select credits you earn in a graduate certificate can count toward a Georgia Tech master’s degree.
  5. Graduate in less than two semesters.
    Requiring only 12 credit hours (four courses), you can complete a graduate certificate in less than two semesters. Of, if you would rather extend your timeline to take a break, you may pause your progress along the way. Either way, a graduate certificate is a lower-stakes commitment, perfect for the professional who is exploring their interest in a new skill or credential.
  6. Enjoy the flexibility of a 100% online program.
    All four courses in each graduate certificate are 100% online, and lectures are accessible 24/7, allowing you to adapt your learning pace to your busy schedule. You also can interact live with the instructional team during weekly office hours, and online chats enable you to stay connected with faculty, teaching assistants, and other students.
  7. Make an affordable investment in your future.
    At a fraction of the cost of an advanced degree, you can receive a best-in-class education from a prestigious institution without breaking the bank. Furthermore, graduate certificates don’t require any major upfront financial commitments. Rather, you pay for each course as you progress through the certificate, allowing you to be certain of the personal value of your investment.

As the workforce continues to shift and grow, lifetime learning is an indispensable asset to maintain your professional confidence.

To learn more about how you can invest in your lifelong learning, browse our collection of graduate certificates.