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FinTech Professional Program Director Featured on Industry Podcast

Amy Corn shares career journey, the FinTech industry outlook, and GTPE's new professional program on the Georgia FinTech Academy podcast

Amy Corn recently joined Tommy Marshall, executive director of the Georgia Fintech Academy, to discuss Georgia Tech Professional Education’s new FinTech program designed to prepare professionals to enter into the developing fintech industry. As academic program director, Corn discussed what led her into the fintech industry and the workforce needs this new program will serve. Here are some highlights from their conversation:

Recently named director of Georgia Tech’s new FinTech Professional Education program shares her career journey. [01:30]
Learn how a commitment to lifelong learning, a confidence in her ability to create, and a passion for providing access led her to this point.

Georgia needs a reliable source of educational options to maintain dominance as a FinTech leader, with $70 billion in revenue annually at stake. [12:01]
See how supporting the learning and development of its existing talent pool in a professional setting to both reskill and upskill will lead the way.

The pandemic accelerated previous shifts in the workplace toward a more flexible understanding of where and how we work. [18:36]
Hear how the shift also translates to online learning and professional development needs of those currently in the workforce given the uncertainty of an ever-changing marketplace.

Interested in hearing more? Listen to the full podcast on Georgia Fintech Academy.

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