Music to Boost Your Productivity While Remote Working and Learning

Five playlists to stay focused, calm, and motivated

April 24, 2020 | By GTPE Communications
Working professional listening to music while working from home

During long periods of working from home or remote learning, it can sometimes be a challenge to remain productive. Taking a few measures to help support your mental well-being, such as meditation, exercise, and if used correctly, music, can make all the difference in your productivity levels.

Research suggests that listening to music while completing work-related tasks or studying can help to improve your creativity and happiness. However, choosing the right music may be more challenging than you think. While it's natural to tune into your favorite song, it's important to match your music choice with the task you plan to work on.

For tasks that require intense focus, such as studying or learning new information, it is recommended to listen to instrumental music. In contrast, listening to music with lyrics helps when working on repetitive or mundane tasks that require physical energy rather than mental focus.

To help you work and learn more efficiently, the staff, faculty, and students of Georgia Tech's Online Master of Science in Analytics program shared the tunes they're playing to stay focused, calm, and productive. From Beethoven to Bieber, there's a song to complement your next working- or learning-related task.

Country Roads


Ramblin' Rock


Tech's Top Hits


Jazzy Jackets


Cool, Calm, & Classical