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Workplace Learning & Professional Development launches new website designed to meet the lifelong learning needs of the Georgia Tech community

September 20, 2021 | By Workplace Learning & Professional Development
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After a recent move aimed at centralizing workforce development and professional learning at Georgia Tech, the collaboration between Workplace Learning & Professional Development (WLPD) and Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE) continues to grow with the launch of a new online hub dedicated to the development needs of the campus community. 

“As the Institute’s partner in faculty and staff professional development, the WLPD team is committed to supporting campus learners,” says LaTrese Ferguson, manager for WLPD. “We wanted our new website to emphasize these meaningful professional development experiences while providing interactive, personalized learning closely aligned with the Institute’s mission, beliefs, and values.” 

The new website highlights the importance of continual learning and growth throughout one’s career while showcasing the dynamic services and solutions provided by WLPD, including a refreshed employee learning platform and a variety of resources to support faculty and staff throughout their career. 

Whether exploring a leadership mindset, seeking professional partnerships, or embracing values congruence, WLPD’s offerings are relevant and engaging, allowing you to facilitate the development of your professional learning goals and add value to your career at Georgia Tech. 

To help get you started, here's a preview of how you can use the WLPD website to find your next learning opportunity

Learning Rooted in Our Values 

As you navigate through the new site, you’ll see a special emphasis on values. Representing Georgia Tech’s newly articulated strategic plan, these nine values are the cornerstone for learning workshops and serve as a professional roadmap. 

“Our values are foundational in everything we do, defining who we are and who we aspire to be as a community,” says Yvette Francis, senior training generalist. “When developing the new site, it was important that we crafted learning and development opportunities that embraced these values while providing a framework for how we can live out these guideposts every day.” 

In-Depth Development Programs 

These values are also interwoven throughout signature programs like ASPIRE, the New Employee ExperienceMentorTech, and Professional Development Circles, echoing the importance of innovation, collaboration, and learning across campus units. 

“Regardless if you’re a new hire, an established employee, or a recently promoted manager, having a connectional community makes your ability to navigate the workplace more seamless,” notes Bryan Harber, training generalist. “Our in-depth development programs cultivate and build upon our diverse communities while creating a long-term path for development.” 

Cross-Campus Learning Resources 

Built on the belief that effective individuals and organizations never stop learning, WLPD recognizes that self-directed learning, which can take the form of books, podcasts, or massive online courses, is a powerful tool for personal and professional growth. To aid in these learning modes, they have curated a list of learning recommendations, both on and off-campus, designed to help faculty and staff engage in self-development throughout the year. 

 “Whether you’re looking to develop your people leader skills or taking advantage of online tutorials, we’ve planned a catalog of learning resources to serve your appetite for professional development, and allowing the flexibility to learn at a time convenient to you,” says Monte Hammon, training coordinator. 

Personalized Learning and Development 

Additionally, WLPD serves as a learning partner to campus, providing customized training to help teams build upon their talents while navigating specific work-related challenges. 

“Professional development isn’t a one-size-fits-all model,” explains Rachel Watts, senior training generalist. “Sometimes, you may need a more tailored approach or an external facilitator to offer an unbiased perspective to complex conversations. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to offer these custom services to the campus community.” 

What’s Ahead 

While the partnership between GTPE and WLPD has created a comprehensive center of lifetime learning advocates, it has also amplified professional learning opportunities for Georgia Tech employees and professional learners alike. 

“The most effective organizations provide relevant training programs to their employees regularly to meet the current and future demands of the workplace,” notes Nelson Baker, dean of Professional Education. “With the launch of WLPD’s new website, the Institute will now have a one-stop-shop for training, learning, and development, serving even more professionals throughout their lifetime.” 

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