Premier Occupational Safety and Health Certificate

If you’ve already earned two of our three Advanced Certificates, you’re only one course away from turning that into our Premiere Occupational Safety & Health Certificate. Elevate your career with expertise in multiple disciplines of the health and safety field and make your skills even more marketable than before.

How You Will Benefit

  • Increase your career skills and opportunities by expanding your areas of expertise.
  • Network with other health and safety professionals.
  • Reduce injuries and health problems of your co-workers.
  • Add to your company’s safety record by teaching safety skills to your colleagues.
  • Boost your company’s bottom line by helping your company follow OSHA regulations.

Who Should Attend

This certificate is designed for directors, supervisors, and workers involved in the construction, industrial, or occupational safety and health fields.

Delivery Method


Certificate Requirements

  • Certificates must be completed within 6 years; courses completed more than 6 years ago may not be applied toward certificate.
  • All courses applied to a certificate program must be taken from Georgia Tech.
  • Core courses taken for one certificate may not be used as an elective for another certificate.
  • Only one free seminar can be used as an elective course.

For Certificate-Related Questions

Please contact the course administrator: Georgia Tech OTI Education Center