Georgia Tech Coding Boot Camp

The web development industry continues to thrive with plenty of dynamic, informative and entertaining sites sprouting up every day. Positions in this field keep emerging—the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects web development job growth to far outpace the rate of the average profession. This surge should provide skilled programmers a bounty of diverse and rewarding career opportunities. We encourage all students eager to join this growing trade to enroll in our Coding Boot Camp series.

The Coding Boot Camp is a 24-week program designed to prime students for careers in the web development industry. The boot camp also provides a career service specialist who will offer job support throughout and beyond the length of these courses.

During this program, our students will build sites with responsive layouts and learn how to program interactive games, forms and quizzes. Some developers focus on writing code for either the browser or the server. Yet the full-stack developer stands out among the competition with mastery of both front-end and back-end programming. These coders can handle complex tasks like serving dynamic content to their users while still keeping a firm grip on the appearance of their web apps.

Web developers open up plenty of job opportunities when they learn how to build full-stack web apps. But to keep their careers steady, they must always teach themselves the latest technologies of the field—it’s the only way to stay relevant in this industry.


May 9th - October 28th in Savannah 
August 1st - February 10th in Atlanta 
November 7th - May 5th in Atlanta and Savannah 

Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:30-9:30pm, and Saturdays 10 am-2pm


Classes are available at both Georgia Tech campuses in Atlanta or Savannah

The Global Learning Center
84 5th Street NW 
Atlanta, GA 30308
(404) 385-3500

Savannah Campus
210 Technology Circle
Savannah, GA 31407
(912) 966-7922

Who Should Attend

Students who want to acquire the skills and attitude needed to thrive in the Web Development industry.

How You Will Benefit

  • Dedicated Student Success Manager to support your onboarding and program success 
  • Graduate with a professional portfolio of web application projects to demonstrate to potential employers
  • Learn and master the most in-demand technologies and frameworks relevant to web developer positions in Atlanta and Savannah
  • Cultivate your presentation and communication skills to be able to confidently present your web application projects Dedicated Career Director to support your employment search

What You Will Learn

Weeks 1-6

HTML/CSS Heroku & Bootstrap Intro to JavaScript JavaScript and jQuery APIs & AJAX Interview Prep

Weeks 7-12

Node.js and NPM Client-Side Storage Firebase MySQL OOP Collaborative Development Interview Prep

Weeks 13-18

Node.js and Express Handlebars MySQL and the Sequelize ORM MongoDB and the Mongoose ORM App Testing SEO Collaborative Development Career Prep

Weeks 19-24

ReactJS React Native Brief Looks at Laravel, Meteor, Django and Lodash Algorithms and Data Structures Collaborative Development Career Prep

Course Agenda

Click to view the complete course agenda

Materials Required

Student must provide a laptop with WiFi and at least 8 GB of ram and a dual core processor. If students have a MAC, it should be less than 2 years old.  

Provided - Access to online repository for lesson plans, classroom content, and other materials. Access to Slack application for communication and messenger tool.

Instructors - Please call 404-369-3107 for information on our leading instructors.

Ready to Get Started?

For more information or to apply for this class, go to or call 404-369-3107.

This course is offered by Georgia Tech Professional Education in collaboration with Trilogy Education Services.