Building Blocks of a Startup Ecosystem

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Building Blocks of a Startup Ecosystem

Course Description

A workshop on the Building Blocks of a Startup Ecosystem for leaders and practitioners of entrepreneurial support organizations (ESOs) as well as faculty, government officials, and other professionals that interact with an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Participants will learn the basic structure of a startup ecosystem and proven strategies to create, support and expand them. Particular emphasis will be on Georgia Tech Lean Innovation Ecosystem Model and on teaching proven strategies to energize and grow a nascent entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Course Content

• Understand the building blocks of ecosystems that foster startup company creation and growth, and describe some of the interactions between the building blocks.

• Study examples of Georgia Tech’s state-of-the-art startup ecosystem programs, case studies, lessons learned, and best practices.

• Acquire fundamental strategies on a lear-buy-doing environment and practice group exercises that reinforce comprehension of startup ecosystem concepts.

Who Should Attend

Personnel from incubators and accelerators, banks and investors, government agencies and economic development organizations, universities and educational institutions, and others that provide services, support, training, and programs for entrepreneurs and startup companies.

How You Will Benefit

• Acquire cutting-edge knowleded and best practices to support the development of a startup ecosystem. • Strenghten your entrepreneurial management skills by practicing the most recent innovation tools and frameworks. • Develop advanced strategies to effectively manage and expand you recosystem assets.


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