Directing Technology Programs

Course Description

This powerful course is intended for directors, program managers and senior project leaders who are responsible for overseeing a group of strategic technology projects. This course focuses on managers who are responsible for ensuring that projects within the technology program provide the intended strategic benefits.

This two-day workshop presents program management as a key component to implementing strategic technology initiatives. Participants review processes that ensure selected technology programs bring the intended return. Emphasis is placed on the importance of managing project interdependencies and monitoring benefits realization. A review and analysis of key metrics is discussed to determine those most appropriate for your organization. The class includes experiential case study exercises in a work group setting followed by lively group discussions. The case study examples are derived from real corporate and governmental programs.

Course ID: COMP 6220P
Course Format: Classroom

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Who Should Attend

Directors, program managers and senior project managers who are responsible for overseeing a group of strategic technology projects

How You Will Benefit

  • Implement key program processes to realize strategic business change.

  • Apply a structured approach to managing technology programs and realizing the associated benefits.

  • Identify strategic business initiatives as they relate to technology programs.

  • Recognize the relationship of program management to enterprise Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Identify the elements of program management.

  • Apply structured processes for the monitoring and controlling of projects within the technology program.

  • Establish meaningful metrics for technology programs.


  • Introduction to technology program management

  • Elements of technology program management

  • Identify and define a technology program

  • Delivering the capabilities

  • Realizing the technology benefits

  • Closing the program

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