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Course Description

Students will be introduced to the basic safety guidelines and skills needed to allow for a discovery session into scuba diving while under the direct supervision of a PADI Professional. They will then have an opportunity to participate in an optional open water tour during a scheduled GT scuba trip.

Course ID: REC 0930P
Course Format: Classroom

Important Course Information

This course requires a SCUBA Medical Statement that must be completed and emailed to the course administrator prior to arrival.

Available Classroom Sections

Start Date End Date Registration Deadline Format Location Cost CRN
Section Details Jun 22, 2018 Jun 22, 2018 Friday, June 22, 2018 - 23:59 Classroom Atlanta, Georgia $79 18691
Section Details Jul 18, 2018 Jul 18, 2018 Wednesday, July 18, 2018 - 23:59 Classroom Atlanta, Georgia $79 18692
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CRN Start date End date Format Location Cost
16603 May 27, 2016 May 27, 2016 Classroom Atlanta, Georgia $79
16604 Jul 8, 2016 Jul 8, 2016 Classroom Atlanta, Georgia $79
16723 Aug 28, 2016 Aug 28, 2016 Classroom Atlanta, Georgia $69
16744 Oct 9, 2016 Oct 9, 2016 Classroom Atlanta, Georgia $69
17526 Feb 5, 2017 Feb 5, 2017 Classroom Atlanta, Georgia $69
17527 Feb 10, 2017 Feb 10, 2017 Classroom Atlanta, Georgia $69
17785 Sep 17, 2017 Sep 17, 2017 Classroom Atlanta, Georgia $79
17786 Nov 3, 2017 Nov 3, 2017 Classroom Atlanta, Georgia $79
18537 Feb 9, 2018 Feb 9, 2018 Classroom Atlanta, Georgia $79
18559 Mar 9, 2018 Mar 9, 2018 Classroom Atlanta, Georgia $79



  • Completed SCUBA Medical Statement emailed to the course administrator prior to arriving for the course
  • A signed release from a physician if any of the items in the SCUBA Medical Statement are noted with a positive (YES) response. A "yes" response does not necessarily disqualify a candidate from diving but instead acknowledges that there is a pre-existing condition that may or may not effect safe scuba participation
  • Must meet watermanship requirements to include a 100 meter swim (any style stroke), and a 5-minute swim/float in water too deep to stand in without use of swim aids
  • 10 years old or older
  • 10-15 year olds must get approval from the course director prior to acceptance into the program and parent or legal guardian must be present during entire course

How You Will Benefit

Students will practice several basic skills in shallow water to prepare for an optional open water experience. During the course students will:

  • Review the purpose of scuba equipment that is used in recreational diving,
  • Learn basic hand signals,
  • Find out what it’s like to breathe underwater,
  • Practice how to move around underwater with ease,
  • Learn key skills that all divers use during every scuba dive,
  • Have fun swimming around and exploring,
  • Learn about becoming a certified diver through the PADI Open Water Diver course at Ga Tech,
  • Understand the privilege of diving and the responsibility that a diver has to the environment.



  • PADI Discover Scuba Diving Participant Guide
  • Use of Discover Scuba Cue cards

For Course-Related Questions

Please contact the course administrator: Jim Consuegra