Earth Remote Sensing Applications

Course Description

New sensors and methods are continually under development to provide solutions to difficult detection and classification problems in environmental monitoring, homeland security, and defense. Explore advanced techniques of information processing, analysis, and modeling for remote sensing data. Develop a detailed understanding of data analysis techniques for different optical and infrared sensors and the application of physics-based models in this process. Gain hands-on experience through daily computational exercises using real data.

Course ID: DEF 3009P
Course Format: Classroom

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How You Will Benefit

  • Master data analysis techniques for optical and infrared sensors
  • Develop advanced image processing techniques
  • Learn modeling approaches for land and ocean surfaces
  • Gain broadband and multispectral data classification methods
  • Examine data fusion concepts for information extraction
  • Get application specific details for land and ocean sensing
  • Explore advanced concepts for remote sensing
  • Gain hands-on experience with data processing methods


  • Optical Sensor Data Analysis
  • Infrared Sensor Data Analysis
  • Advanced Image Processing
  • Computational Exercises
  • Signature modeling – land
  • Signature modeling – atmosphere & oceans
  • Sensor models
  • Data Classification Methods
  • Computational Exercises
  • Data Fusion Approaches
  • Applications – land surfaces
  • Computational Exercises
  • Applications – oceans
  • Applications – atmosphere
  • Advanced Remote Sensing Concepts

For Course-Related Questions

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