Fundamentals of Combat Modeling

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Combat, or conflict, modeling has a long history of being used by government and military organizations to explore the potential impact, effectiveness and/or efficiency of different proposed courses of action. Examine how modelers develop combat or conflict models and how the results are used.

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Who Should Attend

Modelers, wargamers and programmers

How You Will Benefit

  • Know the history, philosophy and principles of combat modeling and simulation.

  • Understand the issues involved in the validation, verification and accreditation of combat or conflict models.

  • Describe the differences between deterministic and Monte Carlo models, their structure and operation and the implications of their results.

  • Explore issues involved with building combat models related to assumptions, variable instantiation and data validation.

  • Examine the environment you wish to model, choose a suitable modeling strategy and explain/defend your choice.

  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the DIME on PMESII modeling example presented in class.


  • Introduction to combat modeling
  • Lab and analysis: Richthofen’s War
  • Deterministic models
  • Monte Carlo models
  • Validation and verification
  • DIME on PMESII models
  • Randomness and random number generators

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