Innovation Leadership - Part 1

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The journey to innovative leadership begins with clearly understanding yourself – your life stories – the good and the bad, crucibles, and setbacks. This course will give you the knowledge and tools to gaining new levels of self-awareness to discover your True North.

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How You Will Benefit

At the end of this course, you will be able to look at patterns of your early life story, what people, events, and experiences you have had and determine which has had the greatest impact on you and your life.


  • By understanding our life stories, we begin to recognize and accept the fears, anxiety and confusion that comes with living. Could it happen to you? The seduction of money, fame and power? What vulnerabilities do you have?
  • Crucibles often send leaders into despair, crisis, and doubt - Psychologist Abraham Maslow found that tragedy and trauma were the most important human learning experiences leading to self-actualization. In the stories shared in this session, you will see how crucibles enable people to learn the uncertainty of life, and how much limited control they have, however, this new reality empowers individuals like YOU AND ME to challenge old assumptions and understand the level of personal agency needed to deal with life.
  • It is important to understand yourself - easier said than done right? As human beings, we all have many aspects of our character, one that is constantly evolving, as our world changes. During these changes it is important to follow your True North, by first being true to yourself. Gaining self-awareness begins with understanding your life story and framing your crucibles.


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