Online Media Application Portfolio (Online)

Course Description

Learn how to put together a stellar Online Media Application Portfolio (OMAP) to create a Video Resume to support your application for employment, scholarships, university admittance, competitions, grants, and career advancement. You could also create an online portfolio to promote your business. This online course can guide you in the creation of your own OMAP to successfully compete in this media-savvy world. This is a one-of-a-kind, online program from Georgia Tech in collaboration with United Young Artist Foundation.

Course ID: INTD 0001P
Course Format: Online

Important Course Information

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CRN Start date End date Format Location Cost
16687 Aug 1, 2016 Aug 31, 2016 Online $2,100
16714 Oct 24, 2016 Nov 18, 2016 Online $150
17478 Oct 2, 2017 Oct 27, 2017 Online $1,245

Special Discount is giving out full scholarships (value of $1095) for the students enrolling in the OMAP course during the during the UYAF International competition 2017-2018. We have automatically waived the full tuition for the 600 students. The coupon code OMAP-COMP is needed during check-out to receive this discount. This discount does not apply to your $150 application fee that will be included in your price.

Juilliard School Alumni and Voices of Leaders members can receive 50%off the tuition (Value $547.50) for this course. Use coupon code UYAFCOMP during check-out to receive your discount. This discount doesnot apply to the $150 application fee that will be included in your price.

Who Should Attend

Those seeking to display their personalities and accomplishments as they apply for scholarships, competitions, and/or seek guidance toward expressing their life goals. The OMAP course is offered to students and young professionals who wish to use online media tools to build or enhance their resumes. This includes middle, high school, and college students. OMAP can also serve young artists, athletes, and professionals seeking to move up in their career fields.

How You Will Benefit

  • You will be eligible for UYAF scholarships, recommendations, and other educational opportunities.
  • Learn digital media productions techniques to create your own OMAP.
  • Learn the basics of scripting and story boarding for an on-camera presentation.
  • Learn how to objectively analyze your OMAP and those of others.
  • Receive expert guidance from leading teachers, artists, professors, and mentors.


  • Understand what the Online Media Application Portfolio is.
  • Meet your instructor and fellow students, and become familiar with the expectations for this course.
  • Explain your goal for taking the OMAP course and describe your target audience.
  • Explain the technology requirements for the course and demonstrate operational competence with your chosen production devices.
  • Demonstrate scripting essentials and story boarding by developing a script for an on-camera presentation.
  • Record an on-camera presentation using appropriate shot composition, lighting, and audio techniques and demonstrate the use of acceptable standards.
  • Create titling and graphics for your recorded on-camera presentation.
  • Demonstrate video editing techniques by inserting into your recorded on-camera presentation titling, graphics, and examples of your artistic talent.
  • Write an analysis for other group members' OMAPs in addition to an analysis of your own presentation.



  • High Speed Internet access
  • Webcam with internal or external microphone
  • Camcorder, Smart Phone, or Tablet capable of at least 720X480 video recording resolution (1280X720 preferred)
  • PC or Mac computer for online, interactive course instruction and editing (iPad, Android Tablets with internet access)
  • Word processing software (Microsoft Word, Apache Open Office, etc.)


Technology Requirements

Verify you meet the minimum technology requirements for this section.