PROC 100: Contracting Fundamentals - Pre and Post-Award

Course Description

This one week foundational course provides a comprehensive, concise outline and analysis of Federal acquisition and contract administration regulations and procedures. This course focuses on best practices in contracting, innovative sourcing strategies and contract administration. It includes lectures, case studies, research, and an exercised-based curriculum.

Course ID: EASC 0125P
Course Format: Classroom

Available Classroom Sections

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Who Should Attend

New hires and career professionals in the federal acquisition field

How You Will Benefit

Students will learn methods for locating and interpreting acquisition regulations applicable to federal agencies in order to make better business decisions and advance the mission of their agency or business concern.


  • Understand the basic framework of the Federal acquisition environment.
  • Understand the basic principles and legal framework of Federal government contracting.
  • Research online resources (FAR, DFARS, and DFARS PGI), locate, cite, and interpret information in the FAR and DFARS that is applicable to DoD and other Federal acquisitions.
  • Recognize the roles and responsibilities in acquisition planning, market research and requirements development.
  • Understand the value of socioeconomic programs in acquisition planning.
  • Determine the most appropriate contract type for the item being purchased and level of contract administration required.
  • Understand the requirements for processing simplified acquisitions.
  • Understand and apply the policies and procedures pertaining to competitive and noncompetitive negotiated acquisitions..
  • Apply the general rules pertaining to Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) administration.
  • Develop a negotiation strategy for win-win solutions.
  • Identify acquisition flexibilities that are available for emergency acquisitions.
  • Examine the fundamental concepts of contract administration
  • Analyze the Government’s rights when contractor performance does not comply with the contract specifications.
  • Understand and explore the policies and procedures for preparing and processing payments, contract modifications, disputes and appeals.
  • Examine the policies and procedures relating to the complete or partial termination of contracts for the convenience of the Government or for default.



  • Exercises, case studies and supplemental information

Additional Resources

Georgia Tech is an approved Defense Acquisition University (DAU) equivalency provider and offers DAU-equivalent training that will satisfy the FAC-C and DAWIA certification programs

The Contracting Education Academy at Georgia Tech (The Academy) is an approved equivalency training provider to the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) and provides continuing education training to Acquisition and Government Contracting professionals as well as to business professionals working for government contractors or pursuing opportunities in federal contracting

For Course-Related Questions

Please contact the course administrator: John "Chuck" Schadl