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What You Need to Know

Courses are offered via the Internet. Lectures and student-faculty interactions are digitally captured during regular graduate and professional development courses each year, and then posted for students to view on demand or via download.

Students are granted access to class materials online and will have an online account to submit and monitor homework and exams. Interactions with classmates and faculty members occur through telephone, e-mail, and in some cases threaded-discussions within Georgia Tech’s course management systems. You'll also have access to the Georgia Tech library.


Please visit the New Student Orientation page of this site if you are a new student to become acquainted with our procedures.

Classes can be taken for credit or non-credit. Non-degree seeking students are considered professional development and should follow those procedures. Understand that classes taken under this option do not appear on any official institute transcript; however, we can provide verification of enrollment.

Click here for instructional videos from the Registrar’s office. Videos include Introductions to Buzzport, Oscar, how to check your registration status, etc.

Georgia Tech Admitted Students-RGO

Registration and drop dates are posted on the Registrar calendar

RGO students must register and drop at https://oscar.gatech.edu/

Any holds or errors may prevent you from registering. Please send an email to cdlops@pe.gatech.edu. Be sure to include your name, GTID#, course, and a screen shot showing the error.

If you wait until the last day of registration you may not be allowed into a class because it is full or the class may have been cancelled due to low enrollment.

Professional Development Students

PDO and PDO/G students should contact Student Services to register or drop classes and to obtain access to course material.

Cross Enrollment 

Students who are enrolled at Georgia Tech may not receive credit for courses completed at another institution during the same academic term, unless prior permission has been obtained for cross enrollment or concurrent registration, as described in this section.
You will find further explanation on cross registration at: http://www.registrar.gatech.edu/students/crossregistration.php
All payments and refunds of tuition and fees are handled by the Bursar’s office. http://www.bursar.gatech.edu/. The page for refund calendars for Online Master's Degree is at: http://www.bursar.gatech.edu/refunds.php Please make sure you read and understand the refund policy, you are not always eligible for a refund when dropping a course.

For tuition receipts, send an email to bursar.ask@business.gatech.edu. Include your name, GTID#, semester and how you want your tuition receipt to be sent. (via mail or fax)

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Homework and Exam Procedures 

Each professor determines due dates for assignments and exams for each course. Georgia Tech recommends a one-week delay to professors, but they may alter this recommendation. Each student uses an approved proctor for taking exams.

Changes in Due Dates

If you believe you cannot make class deadlines, you are advised to withdraw from your class(es) or request extensions from your professor.


An approved proctor administers your exams in accordance with Georgia Tech policy. The proctor submits the exam to Georgia Tech and retains a copy for a specified amount of time. Students never have possession of the exam. For more information about proctors, click here.

Graded Homework 

An email notice will be sent when your assignment has been graded and posted to your account.