Policies and Procedures

The Center Guidelines and Regulations

No open flames (e.g. candles, open burners, etc.) are permitted inside the Center.

Outside alcohol is prohibited. The Center holds a state license to purchase and serve alcohol.

You may choose from any Georgia Tech-approved caterers for food and beverage service (excluding continuous food breaks and alcohol). The Center has a Preferred Caterer to provide food and beverage for functions.  Should Customer choose not to use the Preferred Caterer, Customer may select a caterer from Center’s pre-approved list which may be provided upon request.  If a non-Preferred Caterer is chosen by Customer, Customer shall be charged an administrative service charge of $500.00 for use. Download a list of approved caterers.

With the exception of service animals, animals are prohibited in the Center. Service animals must be registered with the Center or GTPE.

Event-related banners may be hung with approval from the Center staff. Approved banners must be received by the Center at least three (3) business days before the event.

GLC hours of operation are 7:00 am – 5:00 pm.  Guests are granted a 30 minute grace period to exit the building at the conclusion of scheduled events (event ending times may be contracted prior to 5:00 pm).  

Clients will be charged $500.00 per hour in one hour increments if they remain in the building after 6 pm. GLC exterior doors (courtyard and 2nd floor parking deck) lock externally at 5:00 pm. Guests can exit, but cannot enter the GLC after 5:00 pm.  Internal doors accessing the GA Tech Hotel lock with no access to or from the hotel at 5:30 pm.

The Center cannot accommodate storage of large quantities of event materials. Event materials should arrive no sooner than one (1) business day before the start of your event. All deliveries are subject to approval. The Center reserves the right to refuse any delivery.

Posters and signs are to be mounted on easels. They may not be affixed in any way to walls or surfaces. Tape and adhesive-backed materials are not allowed on any wall surface, glass, equipment or flooring.

All exit doors, hallways, and aisles must be kept clear and unobstructed. All exhibitor tables and trade shows shall be set up as indicated on the pre-approved floor plan. All exhibitors are responsible for the correction of any fire code violations found by the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center staff. Violations are required to be corrected and failure to comply will result in a fine assessed on the final invoice. Directional and exit signs must be visible from all areas. Fire protection and emergency equipment must be accessible. Fire extinguishers, pull stations, and emergency strobe lights may not be hidden or obstructed.

The Center does not allow the use of glitter or confetti. A cleaning fee will be added to the final bill if these items are used.

The Center and the entire Georgia Tech campus is tobacco free. There are no designated areas for smoking. The Board of Regents passed this in February of 2014.

The client is responsible for any damage caused by their attendees or contracted vendors/exhibitors.

Room set-up change requests submitted with less than 24 hours notice will be accommodated if possible. An additional fee will be assessed for this service.

Music or performances are subject to approval based on building occupancy and noise level.

All equipment deliveries must follow the following guidelines:

a. Standard loading dock with doc levelers available. (We do not have pallet jacks or other heavy-duty material to handle equipment.)
b. Inside delivery must be specified on delivery documents (or your personnel must handle delivery).
c. There is a maximum weight limit of 3,500 lbs on the service elevator.
d. All deliveries can be no larger than the following dimensions: 4 feet wide by 7 feet tall on service elevator doors.
e. The maximum corridor door clearance is 39 inches on floors 1 and 2.
f. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that their product does not damage the floor when it is moved in or out of the facility. Fees (if applicable) will be applied to the final bill.
g. If your equipment is near the maximum dimensions, please call your Event Manager to discuss exact dimensions.