Whether your participants or presenters are in Atlanta or around the world, the Center can facilitate your meeting with our video streaming capabilities.

All of our meeting spaces are pre-wired to facilitate video-capture and video conferences. You can communicate with multiple, global office locations via videoconferencing for a fully-engaged meeting. Or, allow remote speakers to seamlessly interact with your participants through our specially-designed systems.

In addition to the Center's videoconferencing capabilities, we offer a specially-designated room for unique situations:

The Videoconferencing Meeting Room features a state-of-the-art learning environment with classroom-style seating for up to 24 participants. This classroom features two large, high-resolution plasma displays and five robotically controlled TV cameras. Perfect for meetings where your instructor, trainer or students are offsite, this space allows for easy distance interactions between parties. Each seat offers network and AC-power connections, as well as participant microphones for active discussions. At the front of the classroom, the instructor’s ‘Smart Desk’ control station comes with a PC and Internet connection. A multimedia production station is also available in the rear of the classroom.


All rooms in the Center have videoconferencing capabilities.  For information on additional configurations and seating capacities, please contact one of our Sales Managers.