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Darrell Scott Jones


Over thirty years of experience as an aggressive leader of the Design and Construction process with a unique perspective in the industry of having created and delivered successful projects not only as an Architect, but also as a Contractor, a Developer and an Owner.

Success as a leader has been achieved around the full spectrum of delivery processes as well as size from small to very large complicated international projects. Experience ranges from pre-planning through completion spanning hundreds of projects totaling over $4 billion in value. Visionary leadership not only as an Architect but also as a Construction Manager and a Developer facilitates a proven ability to move seamlessly in the development process to achieve goals and get results.

The ability to see the forest and the trees, an effective communicator with strong management and organizational skills will bring seasoned expertise and vision to any team structure during Design and Construction Management with a current focus on the ability to effectively compress schedules to maximize benefits for the Owner by carefully balancing sustainable design with the trifecta of Time, Cost and Quality.

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