Mark McCans

  • Principal Research Scientist


Mark McCans is a Principal Research Scientist at the Sensors and Electromagnetic Applications Laboratory at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. McCans received both his B.S in Computer Science and M.S. in Information Security from Georgia Tech. He is currently the Branch Head of the Advanced Algorithms and Computation branch of SEAD. The branch’s primary focus is on implementing complex radar and EW algorithms in software that requires real-time processing speeds. McCans has developed EW software for both embedded systems and laboratory test assets that emulate real systems. McCans has served as software project lead for the Laboratory EW System Emulator for the Air Force, task lead on several Angry Kitten pod programs, and as project lead on open source architecture efforts like FROST. Some notable recent development efforts McCans was a major contributor or lead for include the integration of the Multi-Hypothesis Emitter ID and Track (MHEIDT) algorithm into Angry Kitten Combat Pod, developing multi-platform geolocation software that utilizes pulse TDOA to perform passive geolocation, and developing an open systems compatible EW software implementation.