Marshall Bronston


Col. Marshall Bronston (USAF, ret) is a Professional Research Engineer with Georgia Institute of Technology’s (GIT) Field Office in Tucson, Arizona. Since joining Georgia Tech, he developed concepts, programs, and systems to increase combat force effectiveness and survivability. Marshall’s work within Georgia Tech includes leading multiple engineering teams to improve cyber security of computer networks, test and evaluation of a variety of aircraft and tactics-related improvements, and new test and evaluation methods & processes. He is a Defense Security Service-certified Information Systems Security Manager.

Before selection to GIT’s research faculty, Marshall held4000 flight hours in the F-4, F-16, C-17, and 11 other aircraft types. While serving as a requirements officer, he sponsored and directed over 40 formal service test and evaluation programs and was a senior member of a team with a $14B modernization portfolio. While in command of a flight test center, he led teams that put an “internet in the sky” over Iraq, established his organization as a clear leader in integrating and testing aircraft survivability enhancements, added day/night precision attack capability to a fleet of over 600 F-16s, and turned the A-10 and B-52 into precision attack platforms. While stationed in the Pacific, he was responsible for the readiness of over 5000 personnel and 71 aircraft located in 6 states and for partnerships that resulted in sharing $7.0B of new aircraft and $431M in added construction funding for new missions. His leadership resulted in standup of F-22 and C-17 missions from bases in Hawaii and Alaska, creation of a Joint Task Force to supply science missions in Antarctica, and friendly military-to-military engagement activity with 11 Asia-Pacific partner nations.

He is lead instructor for the Fundamentals of Modern Systems Engineering course. Marshall obtained a B.S. in computer science from the US Air Force Academy, a M.S. in Administration from Central Michigan University, and is himself a graduate of the PMASE 2010 cohort. Col Bronston has also completed multiple post-grad programs including a Fellowship with the Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies. He received the coveted Top Academic Trophy from his F-16 fighter weapons school class. In his spare time, he enjoys ranching, hiking, and riding road bikes, having once bicycled from Virginia Beach to San Francisco in 38 days.