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Riyon Harding


Riyon holds a BSEE from New Mexico State University and an MBA from the University of Arizona. She is a registered patent agent, having prepared and prosecuted many patent applications, as well as being a named inventor on several US Patents and applications. She is co-chair of the Intellectual Asset Management Network for the Industrial Research Institute, an IP consultant, trainer and public speaker with a most recent talk on Best Practices for IP commercialization.

Riyon has over 20 years of patent experience and currently drives the Coca-Cola Freestyle team's IP strategy and portfolio development efforts. She executes on that strategy to ensure business alignment and create customer value. She leads the engineering teams through the inventive process, manages the IP portfolio and continuously analyzes the IP landscape. Previously she worked with IBM’s Technology and IP Licensing group as an executive IP Strategist. There she worked with companies and research organizations around the globe to create strategic IP programs and enable them to maximize the value of their IP.

Riyon also spent several years developing an intellectual asset management software tool, Advance IP, to enable organizations to better build, manage and commercialize their IP. The tool can be licensed from IBM.