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Timothy Korson


Dr. Timothy Korson is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) and Alliance coach. He has substantial experience working on a large variety of systems using modern agile techniques. This experience includes distributed, real time, embedded systems as well as business information systems.

Dr. Korson’s current focus is on helping organizations implement high value products using Large Scale Scrum. Certified Scrum Master

As a leader in the field of agile software development, Tim has authored articles, given numerous tutorials on agile techniques, and worked with numerous organizations transitioning to Scrum.

Tim holds a Ph.D. in Business Information Systems from Georgia State University as well as undergraduate degrees in math and computer science. He was a professor with Southern Adventist University’s College of Computing and is currently a senior partner with QualSys Solutions. His focus and experience is practical, and not just academic. His interests, education, and practical corporate experience have always spanned both technology and business perspectives. This focus on the application of technology to solve business problems is a perfect fit to his current role as Certified Scrum Trainer and coach.

Tim is a frequent invited lecturer at major international conferences. The lectures and training classes he presents are highly rated by the attendees. Additional information on Tim’s background can be found through Linkedin at: