International Wire Payments

Requesting a Wire Transfer Payment

If you do not see "Money Wire" as a payment option in the "Review Order" step when purchasing your course, you can make a request for this payment option. Please email with the name of course. If approved, you will be required to upload your bank confirmation document during the registration process. Options for the two types of money wires and related processes are listed below.

Individual Student Payments

Georgia Tech has contracted with Western Union Business Solutions to provide you with a low cost method of paying your invoice in your own currency via wire payment. To complete the wire payment, visit the Western Union Business Solutions website and complete the requested information.

When your wire request is submitted, save the receipt as a PDF. You will find this option on the "receipt" tab at the Western Union on-screen confirmation. If the payment instruction doesn't open in a subwindow or browser tab showing a PDF file, please click the link displayed on that page to open and save the document. Use this required document to upload in the registration and checkout/payment process.

Note: You must know your Georgia Tech ID number in order to pay Georgia Tech by wire payment. Make sure you have created your account on this website. Your account information will display your Georgia Tech ID number when completed (My Account can be found in the upper right corner of this site).

International Company Payments

Please contact the GTPE Business Office for banking instructions.

To pay on behalf of a Georgia Tech student, you must know the Georgia Tech ID number(s) of the student. This number is established during the profile and shopping cart setup.

Once the wire has been processed, the student must be in possession of a document* which contains: 

  • Transaction confirmation number
  • Name of the sending bank
  • Date
  • Amount

*The student will be required to upload this document during the registration and payment process on the website.