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Occupational Safety and Health Program FAQs

New to the Safety Field?

Construction Industry - Begin with OSHA 510
General Industry -  Begin with OSHA 511

10 or 30-Hour Courses

These courses are not taught at Georgia Tech.

OSHA 510 and OSHA 511 are designed for safety professionals and are prerequisites to become an authorized 10 or 30 hour trainer and should be considered a step above the OSHA 30-hour course.

Construction Industry Authorized Outreach Trainer

Become an authorized construction industry outreach trainer - Visit OSHA 500.
Maintain your construction industry outreach trainer authorization - Visit OSHA 502.

General Industry Authorized Outreach Trainer

Become an authorized general industry outreach trainer - Visit OSHA 501.
Maintain your general industry outreach trainer authorization - Visit OSHA 503.

Applying for the OSHA 500, 501, 502 or 503 courses

Each student who participates in a Georgia Tech Professional Education course is required to complete a profile. You should go to pe.gatech.edu/user/login to create a new account profile. Steps on how to create a new account are found on the reverse side. Once you successfully create a profile and are approved you are ready to apply. Follow the steps below:

  1. CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT- pe.gatech.edu/user/login. At the bottom of the page after filling in the information click Create new account (this will submit the info and create your account). You are now logged in. When you are logged in it says “Hello (your name)” in the top window. Note: If you already have an account just LOG IN. You must be logged in to register.
  2. GO TO THE SEARCH BOX AND TYPE course number (500 or 501 or 502 or 503) in the search box at the top of the webpage SELECT YOUR COURSE
  3. REQUEST APPROVAL FOR THE 500 or 501 or 502 or 503 by clicking on the course description link to get started. a. The system will take you to the Instruction page. b. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE PAGE. They are also listed at the bottom of this page.
  4. BROWSE AND UPLOAD all three required documents to apply for the trainer course
  5. ENTER the start date for the class you are applying for in “Enter Section Requested Start Date”. Please type the date in the following format: MM/DD/YYYY
  6. SUBMIT your request and all of the required documents.
  7. WAIT 7-10 business days as to find out your approval status. If you have not heard from us within that time or if you need expedited service, please contact Karen Bartley at karen.bartley@innovate.gatech.edu or call 404-407-8317. If you call, please follow up with an email to help expedite your request. Remember to register you must first create your profile and be logged in.
  8. CHECK YOUR STATUS by logging in through “My Account”. Once you’re logged in, select the “Access Request” tab.

Courses with Requirements

Requirements and instructions display on each course page.
Exceptions for prerequisites and work experience cannot be granted.
Registration permits are granted by the Georgia Tech OSHA Training Institute Education Center Office

Purchasing a CFR

You should purchase the CFR when you register. If the CFR is available for that course, you will be given option to purchase. Copies of applicable standards (29 CFR 1926 or 29 CFR 1910), if purchased from Georgia Tech, must be preordered at the time of registration, or at least 10 days prior to course start date for the following courses: OSHA 500, 501, 502, 503, 510, 511, 521, 6000, and EST 7007. Manuals are distributed upon check-in the first day of the course.

Teaching, Trainer and Student Cards

Visit outreachtrainer.gatech.edu

Registration permits

Registration permits are granted by the Georgia Tech OSHA Training Institute Education Center Office. Please contact them at 404-407-7345 for more details.

Certificate Programs - Build Areas of Expertise

Click here for a list of the Safety and Health Professional Certificate Programs.
Each certificate page provides core and elective requirements.
Use these programs to find the best combination of courses for your areas of interest.

Course Certificate Distribution

Georgia Tech's OSHA Training Institute distributes OSHA and HAZ certificates by mail or on the last day of class.
Georgia Tech's Professional Education Registrar's Office mails EST certificates after grades are submitted.

Degree Programs

Georgia Tech offers the Professional Master's Degree in Occupational Safety and Health (PMOSH). Click here to learn more.

Customized or On-Site Courses

Submit a request

Advisement and Contacts

Website: www.oshainfo.gatech.edu

Phone:  404-407-7345

Contacts: oshainfo.gatech.edu/staff.html

Email: otiec@innovate.gatech.edu