Policies: Professional Education

Student Profiles and Records

Students are responsible for creating, maintaining and updating personal, registration and account records. Georgia Tech Professional Education does not give third party entities access to student records under any circumstances.

Student Data

Information for Professional Education students is collected and maintained in the Georgia Tech Student System. The following data elements are considered directory information and are collected from each student as part of the registration and profile setup processes:

  • Full legal name
  • Email address
  • Shipping address
  • Company Name

Professional Education student data is not published in Georgia Tech's online directly system and therefore is not currently available to the general public. Professional Education student data is not sold or provided to external entities.

Sensitive Data

The following data elements, if in the Georgia Tech Student System, are considered sensitive information and are only available to Georgia Tech employees with a business need-to-know:

Georgia Tech ID; Date of Birth; Citizenship; Gender; Ethnicity; Religious Preferences; Social Security Number; Registration Information; Class Schedules; Attendance Records; Academic History

Research Security Requirements

Georgia Tech's Offices of Research Security and Compliance require citizenship information be maintained for students participating in most Professional Education courses. Citizenship informaton is obtained directly from the student by Georgia Tech Professional Education staff and is maintained in the Georgia Tech Student System.

Program Completion Policy

Georgia Tech Professional Education certificates of program completion consist of a prescribed number of required and elective courses offered and completed at Georgia Tech within a consecutive six-year period. Exceptions, such as requests for substitutions or credit for prior education, while not guaranteed can be requested through the petition form.

Attendance Policy

CEUs are awarded to students who attend a minimum of 80% of scheduled class time.

Assessment Policy

Courses that are part of certificate programs include a required assessment. Passing criteria is determined by the instructor and is provided to students at the start of the course.

Payment Plan Policy

Georgia Tech Professional Education does not offer a payment plan for any of its services, conferences, or courses. Payment must be made at time of purchase.