FinTech Talks Webinar Series

FinTech Talks

Want to learn more about FinTech? Sign up for FinTech Talks, a new intuitive series of videos that will showcase hot topics within the FinTech industry. These presentations will offer insight around the growth and impact of FinTech, in addition to how Georgia Tech and Atlanta play a role in the industry.

A recording of each talk will be directly emailed to you as they become available.


  • Bartering, Gold, and Cryptocurrency: A Brief History of Money
    Cultural moments that helped shape currency in the U.S.
    Presented by Amy Corn, Academic Program Director, Financial Technology
  • The Evolution of the FinTech Industry
    How the digital revolution and consumer behavior has shaped a complex industry
  • FinTech: A Global Industry
    Currency, regulation, and cybersecurity
  • The Future of Work
    Diversity, inclusion and equity in Fintech, skills of the future and the FinTech Start-up
  • The Customer Experience and FinTech of the Future
    Innovation and the FinTech of the Future