Registration: Professional Education

Required Student Data

Each student who participates in a Georgia Tech Professional Education course is required to complete a profile that meets the requirements of Georgia Tech Research Security and eliminates duplicate record creation

Profile Updates

Students will be allowed to update company, address, email, phone and passwords on the Georgia Tech Professional Education website. Name changes and citizenship changes must be submitted to the GTPE Registrar's Office.

Terms and Conditions

Student / Company or Third Party Payer

Ways to Register

Individual: Click the "register" button on the section you want to attend and choose one of the accepted payment methods

Group: Click here for step-by-step instructions

Withdrawal and Registration Changes

Click here for details and forms

Walk-In Registration

Based on space availability (not guaranteed).

Cannot be guaranteed for classified, restricted or approval-required courses.


Discounts, if available, will display or automatically apply in the purchase process. Coupons should be entered in the purchase process and will be validated by the system if applicable to the items in your cart.

Letters of Invitation and Visas

Georgia Tech Professional Education does not issue letters of invitation and cannot provide immigration documents for the issuance of a student visa. 

Short programs (generally 1-5 days) and conferences do not require a student visa. A tourist visa along with a copy of your registration confirmation email and a copy of your completed web registration order page should suffice.

B-1 Business Visa: If participation in a professional education program is employment related, with immediate departure from the US, the main purpose of the visit is business/professional.

B-2 Visitor for Pleasure Visa: If tourist activities make up the majority of time spent in the US and the professional education course is only a small percentage of the visit, the main purpose of the visit is pleasure.

We encourage participants to contact their US Consulate or Embassy to determine visa eligibility.

Full refunds will be provided to participants who are unable to obtain an entry visa and contact our office prior to the start of the course.

English as a Second Language students should contact the Language Institute for admission and visa requirements.