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Leading Well Series Provides Accelerated Leadership Training by Industry Expert

Company executives want middle- and upper-level managers who have the technical competencies and leadership skills necessary to flourish in their roles. They need trailblazers who can:

• Build and leverage a high-performance team
• Deliver consistent results
• Influence people at all levels of their organizations
• Drive ongoing improvement and innovation

Acquiring this knowledge takes time, however, and leaders are in high demand. Therefore, it’s tough to allocate time to send them to training.


Attaining skills quickly

Georgia Tech’s Leading Well workshop series offers four two-day sessions that get to the heart of what makes an effective leader. Participants discuss the work of thought leaders like Jim Collins, John Maxwell and Patrick Lencioni, and the four areas leaders must master to excel in a competitive and ever-changing environment.

The workshops also provide opportunities to practice these skills and methods. Sessions are led by Ned Ellington, a strategy and leadership development expert who has established and directed the university’s Centers of Excellence for strategic planning, quality management, information technology, lean manufacturing, and human resource development.

The Leading Well workshop series synthesizes popular leadership methods and best practices into two-day courses that cover the material in enough depth to equip participants to put the learnings to work. Sessions also provide opportunities to practice the skills being taught.


Workshop Topics

Although the workshops are designed to support each other, they are independent courses. Leaders can participate in one, some, or all of them.