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Learn Mobile Apps from Concept to Launch

Create Your Own Mobile App and Start selling it Within Days


Most anyone can create an app; however, entrepreneurs and developers often overlook aspects of the process that affect its success:

  • Fully thinking through the business model, target audience, and user experience
  • Testing the concept before spending a considerable amount of time and money to develop and launch it
  • Knowing the key negotiation points that business people and programmers should agree on in advance

"Plenty of courses cover the tools you need to build an app. We take it several steps further by combining programming, start-up experience and industry connections together to help students turn ideas into viable products that are ready to launch."

-Russell Clark, Ph.D., Georgia Tech School of Computer Science



Customer discovery • Business and revenue models • In-app advertising

Swift • Storing user data • Voice, video and messaging

Authentication and security • UI constraints • Working with Healthkit


What you learn

  • Eliminate having to change course (or abandon a mobile app concept altogether) after launching it by learning how to effectively validate your idea upfront.
  • Get hands-on experience each day with mobile devices and programming languages.
  • Learn about the latest developments in the mobile and tablet landscape.
  • Get up to speed on the latest opportunities in wearable technology, home automation and in-car apps.
  • Understand the basics of iOS and Apple's new programming language, Swift.


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