Hire a Veteran

Corporate sponsors of Georgia Tech’s Veterans Education Training and Transition (VET2) program are an integral part of its success story. Any company, regardless of size, can contribute to the success of America’s veterans and tap into the sought-after characteristics veterans bring to the civilian workforce. VET2 is the first and only active duty internship in the country that allows corporate sponsors the ability to screen, assess, and hire the most talented service members serving our military before they hang up their uniform.

Benefits to Corporate Sponsors 

  • Gain access to a custom talent pipeline.

  • Expedite the screening process.

  • Reduce recruiting costs and dramatically improve the quality of your hires through an “extended interview” process (internship).

  • Provide additional Lean Six Sigma and Supply Chain fundamentals training for high demand employment.

  • Improve hiring diversity through a wide range of skills, rank, and branches of service.

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