With assistance from the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) experts who designed the Microsoft Windows-based mapping application, our program will help you master FalconView™. These courses are designed for developers and those who are new to FalconView™.

The U.S. Department of Defense has relied on GTRI’s FalconView™ software program since the 1990s to analyze and display geographic data and other information crucial to flight mission planners. Now, you too can learn from the same GTRI researchers and scientists who continue to consult with the government, military and industry.

FalconView™ Certificate RecipientCourses and Certificates for Continuing & Professional Education

When you enroll in Georgia Tech Professional Education FalconView™ short courses, you’ll study the latest technology from respected instructors who conduct applied research. Learn optimal use for aeronautical charts, satellite images and elevation maps, and ever-changing overlays of FalconView™ (an integral part of Portable Flight Planning software). You’ll also have the added benefit of immediate application on the job.

Complete a series of courses to acquire in-depth expertise and earn a FalconView™ Developers Certificate.