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Access the latest education and training in radar signal processing and radar systems with Georgia Tech. Gain knowledge from researchers and scientists from Georgia Tech Research Institute, the university’s applied research arm, which has worked in the radar sector for nearly 80 years, solving tough problems for companies, government and industry.

The military, defense contractors and companies in sectors ranging from the automotive industry to manufacturing are employing radar technology every day. Receive mission-critical training by learning the intricacies of designing radars.

Radar Signal Processing

Go beyond the basics and discover the latest in radar signal processing. Determine the right questions to ask with radar components while developing a better understanding of how to make fundamental decisions with the information your radar data collects. Learn more about the Radar Signal Processing and Techniques Certificate.

Radar Systems

Access the most up-to-date examples of radar systems technology and learn the operational principles, techniques, phenomenology of radar systems. Learn more about the Radar Systems Certificate.