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Process Improvement (Lean Manufacturing & Quality)

Process Improvement and Quality Management Education for Professionals

Georgia Tech Professional Education courses are focused on helping you build knowledge and skills so that you are equipped to improve and sustain your organization’s long-term operational and business performance. Choose from an array of process improvement, lean and quality management educational options to learn how to increase efficiency and improve quality, in order to position your organization more competitively in the marketplace.

Our comprehensive courses are designed for engineers, quality professionals, lean and process improvement project managers, operations, production and plant managers, or any professional with an interest in lean process improvement and quality management.

Let Georgia Tech be your partner in continuous improvement and professional development. Move your career forward by learning methods to eliminate bottlenecks, improve vendor relationships, respond quickly to the market, save time and money, increase quality and boost customer satisfaction.

Courses for Continuing & Professional Education 

Our process improvement courses are designed to help you respond and adapt to market demands by creating a culture of continual improvement within your organization.

You can also take continuing education courses to learn how to implement a quality management system (QMS) and ISO Standards (International Organization for Standardization), such as ISO 9001 – giving your company a strong foundation for managing product and service quality.